Body, Mind and Soul.

Its important to be pretty..At least it definitely makes life a lot easier..And anyone who is saying anything else is delusional..

Yes, I can see the skeptical looks..But hey..Let’s look at it..I would definitely pay attention to a pretty face faster than a plain jane/jo. People are easily charmed by a pretty face than a plain jane/jo. The WORLD in its oh-not-so-subtle terms screams the importance of a pretty face..When Helen of Troy was marked for generations as the face that launched a thousand ships, nobody asked for her IQ or her professional qualifications..Few men found her pretty..Few- happened to be a king and a prince..and voila! A war ensued.

A pretty face..A pretty body..Cultural perceptions of what is pretty and what is not..Magazines and movies and pop culture why our very  own people often telling us constantly to be pretty or what constitutes pretty..Whew..Highly overrated.

But overrated it is.


Yes – its a definite advantage having a pretty face. But is that all? Big Pretty eyes are adorable..But can i be staring into those eyes infinitly? God no! lol! Pretty eyes coupled with thoughts..Pretty eyes coupled with care and concern for a loved one or set in determination to fight and conquer a cause or purpose..Now thats sexy..And Gosh! That is Beautiful!

A hot body..Pretty..Using that gift to give form to an art-say dance-Beautiful..USing that gift to learn a new sport say, travel to new places or make a cozy nest with you..Beautiful..


The body..or what we see externally is so often thrown up on this pedestal and thrown all the spotlight at in a way that is just scary..Bad. So much pressure to be this or be that way..don’t be this way or don’t be that way..Mind and soul engaged in the  holding up of that shaky pedestal..Where is the time or energy to focus on being alive! On nurturing the mind and soul? On creating beautiful selves???

Pretty is just the body..and don’t you worry there are plenty of softwares making it extremely easy for anyone who wants to look like a diva..Infinite angles and types of cameras and instruments–surgical even-to help you attain that perfect shape..But then what?What about the mind and soul? The body is but a vessel..What if that vessel is opened to reveal rubbish! How does that even matter..True to our crude human selves we are constantly attracted by the better packaging..From supermarkets to how we pick people in our lives..AM no exception!. But do we read the ingredients?Even if there were toxins in the product..assuming its an edible thing..Would you still eat it because of its packaging? See?? Body..Overrated..The mind and there are two priceless treasures.


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