Happiness is a conscious choice

It is. and it’s just that. Happiness is tough business.But like anything worth the while,once mastered it becomes natural.In all honesty earlier it was probably much easier to be happy. Less choices. More silence, More real people, Less false fake role models, and no bombardment of globalization. Being honestly happy from within was a simple state of being for people earlier. However ofcourse I would not deny that their external struggles were monumental

But  in today’s day and age inspite of all the increasing physical comforts, it is increasingly difficult I think.To be happy from within. But well , so is metabolism for trees because the air is so much more polluted ,right? What is the remotest connection?

Let me explain. Trees metabolize raw materials- sunlight, chlorophyll, water and so on to create Oxygen. The reactions are an active process to continue the cycle of life. They give Oxygen to the earth, which sustains life in it. This life of other living organisms in turn nurtures the tree and the cycle of life continues.If the tree one fine day decides- “Am not going to carry out metabolism, am just gonna sit here and wait for someone else to metabolize and create Oxygen”-

Oops..we would have a problem..

Creating and sustaining life..An active process.

Similarly, I believe creation of of any thing or process that is positive is an active, never-ending process.Here I take the liberty of calling the creation of Oxygen a positive process.It is true for a phenomenon as basic as creation of oxygen to the grandest philosophies we humans have created.

Evil can never truly be eliminated. It can only be kept at bay. Our super heores are not really all that far from the true story of our world. Good has to constantly strive, actively to keep evil at bay. Metabolism has to actively happen to prevent stagnation and decay at bay.

Every single day.

Happiness is something like that. It has to be a conscious choice. Every single day.Just like your body chooses to metabolize and sustain you- Actively- Every day.

Have a happy day! And may you reach the state of effortless happiness.



2 thoughts on “Happiness is a conscious choice

    • A million thanks for your wonderful feedback 🙂 and yes I couldn’t agree more on the enormity of that choice every single time!Thanks again for all your comments of encouragement 🙂

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