Ponderings on astrology

Its dusk..Poetic to call it so I think. Its dusk and I look out to the chamundi betta..fondly called so by the locals from my terrace and ponder over the Infinite possibilities of what ‘all this’ could mean..Yes we humans are so hell bent on finding the meaning of it all..My imagination takes flight..I have been attempting to dip my toes into astrology for ages now..Its a constant topic of study I find fascinating and is constantly in my easy reach by way of the internet. Recently I came across a statement which brought to mind what the centaur Firenze told Ron in the Harry Potter Series-Goblet of fire when he came to teach Divination- He said-(Centaurs observe the larger movements of the stars, and they refuse to use these larger movements to predict “human nonsense” (27.43) like love or accidents.

Instead, the centaurs “watch the skies for great tides of evil or change that are sometimes marked there. It may take ten years to be sure of what we are seeing” (27.49).).

ANother statement I came across recently said-” It is not that our destiny is determined by the stars from the moment we are born, its quite the reverse, the stars are simply a reflection of our destinies reflected in the moment we are born.”

It brings to mind the earth as the centre of the 12 zodiac signs and the 27 constellations and we individuals ,when born, send out a stamp to this infinitely complex arrangement of stars and zodiacs and its simply there for all to see. It is only our actions that can modify this ‘shout out’ or ‘stamp’ to this infinite complexity. By actions I don’t mean the meaningless ‘dosha pariharas’ or remedies for which we run behind jyothishis who most of the time rip us off ,milking our desperation. It means we are empowered to understand this ‘pre-written’ elements which the ancient texts tell us are simply ways of helping us achieve understanding or enlightenment. And in this understanding we try to accept and ‘go with the flow’ to fulfil this movement in the cosmic flow that is our lives.
Astrology has nothing to do with things as shallow as religion or remedies by feeding animals or wearing a ring or marrying a tree. It is simply a science of study of the state of the stars which reflect who each of us are at the most individual level. And please..By science I do not mean contemporary definition of Science. By science I mean the field of study. I could just as easily call it art but to me it is a form of Ancient science. Grossly misunderstood in its crudest most corrupted form by mankind, having nothing to do with the religion it is said to spawn from or the gods that religion purports we have to bow to. It is pure knowledge. Granted though that it is not scientifically field tested or validated because there is no true teacher of it who is not corrupted by the human elements that are piece by piece destroying the depth of knowledge contained in this ancient science . Hence I wait for the day when contemporary Science will turn its attention to astrology and devise methods to study this ancient form of Science by distilling all the nonsense mankind has infused in it and return back to us distilled knowledge of the stars.
Man is foolish to think that any amount of manipulation can change the larger picture that is our destinies. Yes we are given choice, moments when even our destinies falter and pause to look at us and ask-How about this then eh? But most of the time it is futile to consult the stars for things as shallow as changing our destined paths. Actions, our actions, will affect our lives. I think this is because even the stars give bifurcations to us in our paths. And that is probably the reason that our truest teacher is our instinct which we never really pay attention to. Our instincts are constantly telling us, guiding us through .. Instincts- Our internal loudspeakers that are constantly speaking to the universe. The spark of the Divine in each of us-That IS each of us. Holy Spirit I think Christianity calls it. Many other names it is called in other religions. Instinct- Like a huge urge to take the leap after having carefully weighed its pros and cons or many a times, not having done that . Shout outs to the universe. Instinct- A call from our inner Divinity. The assurance that each of us are the centres of our own universe that is our destinies-Written in the stars. Thats all. Like the script of a play- Its all written, even actors are allowed to alter the script now and then, or the directors might get bored 😛
As shakespeare said -“All the world is a stage and all are mere actors.”
I simply wonder. Who are the audience? Or are there any in any realm, in any form, in any dimension?


3 thoughts on “Ponderings on astrology

  1. Confused by astrology and the ability to have some control over our lives through choice. Indian woman continually says that her astrologer’s predictions are true regardless of what she does, and so she does nothing. Her astrologer, for instance, says she is stuck at a job that she hates, and so she resigns herself to that fact. But, why not look for another job, and by choosing another job, change the outcome from being trapped in unhappiness, to having some control over your situation…and maybe have a happy outcome?

      • Thank you…I appreciate the “education” you are giving me about Indian culture and arranged marriages. My husband has used the “it’s just her culture” line to try to defend his inappropriate relationship with a married Indian woman. To some extent, I am trying to sort out what is culturally appropriate for her and what is not, but I also find it interesting to learn about other cultures. So, keep writing…I am intrigued!

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