A thought on greatness

In a society that revels in mediocrity, how can you expect to be celebrated for being extra ordinary?Greatness is a product of pure thought, of uncontaminated thought. Uncontaminated ┬áby rituals, backward thoughts and twisted contortions accumulated and misinterpreted over millenia. The celebrated greats had the rare privilege of being that- celebrated for their greatness.And that is still one in millions. Greatness need not be defined by fame and popularity and yet that’s exactly what greatness is defined as in our society. So much so that true worth is so often masked by the illusion of fame that greatness is many a times synonymous with fame and fame alone.


Mediocrity responds in two ways to greatness in awe or in fear. Neither means acceptance. Because mediocrity doesn’t understand acceptance ,it doesn’t seek it within itself nor does it practice it with others, so greatness must pay the terrible price of being simply content with being a great, and never seek acceptance from mediocrity. Meanwhile the great mind must choose between two options

To rebel which oftenleads to painful isolation , or to learn to be one among the mediocrity and silently give words to the greatness within if andwhen the universe deems it right to do so.


My heart

My heart ,my heart
my poor poor heart,
You broke into a million pieces,
Scattered in the wind.
I went a million places looking for you
To bring the pieces back,
To bring them back to me

Now I look up to see
A single ray of distant light
That’s the only thread I have
Amidst this roaring storm
To sew this broken heart

My heart ,my heart
My heart that broke into a million pieces
and scattered in the wind
It swishes all around me

I run to catch it
I can’t, I can’t
I can’t run to catch it
It scatters so

My heart my heart
Its scatters so
And I try to sew it up with a single ray of distant light

How does one deal with judgemental people?

Nope. I have no clue..If you are reading this article, hoping to find some tips..you can turn right back..Coz this article is not by a great mind who has no regard for the opinions of other people..Neither by an opinionated person whose job is to thrust their opinion down other’s throats..Its by a common person who admits to being judgmental occasionally as her human nature forces her to, but by and large tries her best to avoid judging. But most importantly, its by a person who struggles daily with the fear of being judged and who is constantly judged by a few really pathetic people.Yes, she knows she must ignore them, but its better said than done..And no, she is not going to confront them because certain people are not worth your time and energy..Rare is a category for people who are truly free from the evil claws of judgement that we are all trained to be tuned to from a very young age. After an unreasonably long time, there will be a person in your life who will tell you, ignore, ignore what they are saying..and you try with all your might..but 20 odd years of bothering about what the lowest of minds have to say about you and you are stuck in this eternal rut of feeling bad that they think of you a certain way and then smacking yourself for feeling that way coz you tell yourself a million times that they are in no position to judge your struggle and then drowning again wondering what if they are right and feeling sad again..WELL..SMACK! Wow..Hmm..You judgmental people..I wish you came with a manual on how to deal with the sort of nastiness that you bring along..And it should say on your forehead-Permission to punch across the face at the slightest hint of judginess- I imagine I may get punched a fair deal myself but well, it will be worth it..They with their pathetically puny minds who would never appreciate a great thought or deed if it walked right past them. Well, Judge on folks..I still have a lot more – a lot more craziness, a lot more genius and a lot more sensitivity-for you to judge when youa re bored with your sad little lives.

P.S.- that felt good!