A thought on thought

Thought..the most potent tool of creation and the most extraordinarily powerful weapon of destruction. I am wary of people who say,” It’s just thought, control it.” I wonder..Have they ever experienced the intensity of a thought process..Add a touch of emotion and a drop of the essence of instinctive drive and BOOM! Like a potion brewing in a witch’s cauldron, the singular most powerful potion known to mankind is created- The will to act on thought.

Hence, a person who has altogether too much control of his thoughts is either not very much involved in intense thought processes or is conditioned by rules of the time to never entertain any thought or is not even aware of his own thoughts. Any if the above scenarios and I deem that person very unsuited to comment on controlling thought processes.

Thoughts only achieve full potency when it enters a powerful mind. And here I define a powerful mind as one capable of Imagination, as one capable of entertaining this imagination in their mind, as one who is oblivious to conventional conditioning of the time and willing to act on the imagination. Such alone is a powerful mind. And only such minds have created history.

Such a thought alone is powerful. Or else like a wisp of air, thoughts are thought and lost, in an instant.
For example, Helen of Troy, poor thing, has been seated on a pedestal as the ‘Face that launched a thousand ships’ (no pressure, darling) and yet it was nothing but the thoughts of the men in her lives, of concepts of honour and manhood and blatant role of a woman as a possession that drove those thousand ships to war. The men who fought and died for her are actually men who probably never even saw her. And yet her husband whose honour was tarnished (thought) happened to be the King of a distant land to whom soldiers owed their loyalty(thought) who went to war for the glory of their land(thought).If the said King thought ,”Well, I’ll let her have her way.” Then the ships would never have been launched. Oh! Thought!.

And they tell me it’s only thought! Hmm..

Thoughts are not only capable of impacting the environment. If it does get sufficient entertaining in one mind and yet does not find an outlet to channel itself in any known physical form from the arts to the social, from the scientific to the mechanical to the industrial to the agricultural-Any form- then it turns inward, and that’s when it gets interesting.

Because then it turns to the mind of the person who had the audacity to entertain it a.k.a you,the entertainer of the thought.This thought will then make you or break you. The entertainer of thought depending on his capacity has then created a dragon or a mouse. And unfortunately there is no physical form to this thought to tell you exactly how powerful this thought you created is. And that’s where the trouble starts.

People who are used to taming mice can never really see the dragon in you. They see your struggle and more often than not tell you, “It’s just thought, control it.” And you can’t help but envy them. They have only mice to deal with.

But when there is a struggle with a dragon, the scars speak for themselves.. There is a certain pride in having tamed the dragon, a certain fierceness which translates to conviction. And this strength comes only to those who entertain dragons to begin with. Sometimes they loose control. Thoughts wreak havoc in their minds. It is interesting if we observe the greats. They will all have a story to tell us about the struggle with their thoughts. How they tried to hide it, run away from it, suffered from it, suffered for it and finally embraced it. In any known field where mankind has progressed, the greats have this story to tell. And when they finally embrace it, they ride the damn dragon, and history is written by them.

It’s not that the power of a single thought is ever underestimated in our world. To quote Batman,
“If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely.”
A Legend.


An Exodus and the Metamorphosis

Almost a decade earlier a young girl began an exodus when she left the place she called home with a little bit more excitement than was appropriate. She was but a caterpillar. Now a decade later, after somehow finding her way in and out of a cocoon of metamorphosis(or so she would like to believe), she is a butterfly and has stretched her wings to fly back home.
People changed, Places changed , Her definition of home , the place she called home and loved ones changed and yet she goes back to only thing that held constant throughout the whole journey- Family. That little world no matter how imperfect, which in spite of having drastically changed through the years ,is the only thing that remained true to her.
She goes back with the satisfaction of a journey travelled well-In terms of personal experiences and distances covered.

She also goes back witha reservoir of memories (which her close people will tell you, she is obsessed with ), and a handful of people who made time spent with them the most precious parts of the journey, relationships which she chooses to carry back with her to enrich her life from here on.

Memories of the life before the exodus are vague, and yet it’s from those memories she must learn to remember what her life should be like now that she is back. But make no mistake, she is well equipped with her experiences to help her return to family-To make the transition of the life of a nomad to the life of a settler much easier. She chose to make this return. She knows it’s the right time. She seeks the blessings of mother earth to embrace the new uncharted life that lies ahead. She is humbled by how much there is to learn and yet she is hopeful that the exodus will strengthen her in her journey onward. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead,