Each life, Each story is unique

And this is one conclusion I reach.. Human beings have this itching need to label the moment they meet you, Religion caste creed, country, parents profession , married or not, gay or straight Normal, crazy, likes me /doesnot like me..May be it is in a weird way to help connect to each other..To be a part of something together..to belong somewhere physically in this vast ocean of humanity..It’s more digestible than having to think of humanity as one big happy family..It’s scary to think of it like that because honestly there are too many of us. A few people believe they are saved and feel sorry for the rest of them coz according to them the others are doomed to hell. But the sweet truth of it is, each story is unique..For example, Alcoholic and spiritual is possible to be two characteristics in the same individual. Ofcourse, not all spiritual people are alcoholic and not all alcoholics are spiritual.. Every one of us would have had those moments where our prayers seem to be miraculously answered. And viceversa when our inner voice has told us exactly what we need to do and we just do it! And all works out beautifully!!! I think the inner voice is the universe talking to us..Holy Spirit my faith calls it..But I think it is the universe telling us as unique individuals what our next step should be..And we humans are a smart race..When we pay heed to that inner voice we feel like we can make anything happen. That surge of purpose that rises within us by the power of that voice is damn powerful. Each person hears a different instruction. Because for reasons unknown we are here on this earth to live out a certain destiny.. And yes ,overlaps in certain traits do occur which people make the basis of certain communities. But Each individual has the duty to pay heed to that voice and live out his ‘calling’. But a few lucky ones also have the luxury of and the will to chart their own lives, their own destiny..They must have won some universal lottery gig I wasn’t aware about, that’s for sure.Funny thing about religions..All of them, actually have a few facts scattered around here n there..We just need to filter out what is a fable and what principles or teachings are genuine or impact the world around us for good or help us navigate this life..But each person and each life must do his or her own sorting..And pay heed to what needs to be done to write his/her own beautiful story of life..No, unfortunately all stories will not be etched on epitaphs and held aloft for all the world to see.. And yes, most us have to reconcile with the fact that our stories may never have another witness other than ourselves..But the story must be written unto the end- the end determined by a force not in our hands. So I wish you Grace, I wish you courage , I wish you love through your journey and Peace at the end of your days of a life that has lived out it’s purpose. That alone is real, That alone is the truth. Amen.