The stories that defined our age

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games and so on..What do these stories have in common? Apart from the high fantasy or other worldly element to it? Such stories have been around only since recent times. Ofcourse with LOTR being one of the pioneering works.But what is it about these recurrent themes that has managed to capture the imagination of the entire world? Of an entire age? IN a world where religions are failing, in a world where an awakening of the inner conscious is apparent everywhere, what is it that draws us in hordes to the stories of the one hero’s struggle?
The answer is well clear enough isn’t it? Institutions are failing us.Institutions which were supposed to look after us be it the government or the industries or the religions, they are all failing us. And there is a darkness that we see, in not so dramatic terms as Sauron or President Snow or Voldemort but dark nonetheless. We loose our selves in the world of entertainment to escape all this madness, and yet here they are..these stories..through the mode we value the most these days..through entertainment, gently whispering to us. To reclaim, to reclaim what was once ours. Free will.
Free will that is beaten out of us from the day we are born. By our religions, by our educational institutions by our families and so on..
The struggle of these heroes for a greater good. It is no incentive in the real world to be an unnoticed soldier fighting for the greater good ! Not at all. But give it some awesome background score and breathtaking visuals and some kick ass stunts and we have a story that causes a physical reaction in us..A story that inspires us.. Many a story thus has inspired many a movements. The glam quotient of these heroes never did any harm.
But these stories did the trick..Inspired a generation caught in the wave of a changing time to look toward the greater think for the greater good..maybe even act for the greater good.After all, as Galadriel so famously reminds us in LOTR, “ It takes only one small person to change the course of history”. And that I must say, comes with a sense of relief.
But then again what of these stories themselves, are they merely dolled up stories?? That have no basis to them??The authors of these great works often tell of inspired moments where the stories simply appeared to them-fully formed.
Fully formed- Like as though, they were not created but merely discovered. Scientists do that all the time don’t they? They discover..They never wholly claim to create..They discover.Discover, then would mean tho find something that was already there.
Am I rambling dear reader? I hope for my sake I am not. But let me get back to the authors..How then did they ‘discover’ these stories? Gifted writers as they are and assuming they have an acute tuning to our collective consciousness, what else are they tuned to?Are they tuned to worlds and stories that may or maynot have occurred or will very well occur in a distant future?
Or are they simply giving shape to truths that have echoed collectively across the eras of the existence of man?That, truth triumphs. That love triumphs and that there will always be evil but evil can also be defeated but at a great price. Are these writers simply echoing our truths back to us? Truths that we know deep within us but have buried deep in us out of the exact opposite force of love and truth i,e. Fear and doubt?
By no means is the journey to the light going to be easy then now is it? A baby who learns to walk the first time must stumble and fall. It helps him learn to get back up on his feet. No one says oh it’s so scary to learn to walk to let’s just not walk ever again. Seeking the light is similar I think..We must fall and fall and doubt and question and know from within what it is that we are and what we must hope to be. And I don’t mean in our careers pr families or anything but in our true journeys in life.
The fear of the dogma, the fear of opposing tradition and the fear of isolation and repercussion has indeed made us cowards..So much so that the Universe had to resort to theatrics (read stories and movies) to convince us to join the fight again, to believe in ourselves again.. to believe in our own light again.
Do these seem to fantastical to you dear reader..I hope they do because I have over-simplified it too much..I am sorry..I make excuses but I must dash and hence I pen this while I can
P.S. For some reason while writing all this down I have a British accent in my head..I have no clue why..Maybe because I just finished watching LOTR and that led to these chain of thoughts. But any way..Thank you dear reader. I wish You a safe journey in finding your light.


Arranged Marriage Chronicles part 3: An actual Love story

IMagine my surprise! Now in all fairness to understand this story there must be an understanding of a very basic driving force of arranged marriage- parental pressure. Them involved in the picture would mean every alliance rejected would have to done so accompanied by an essay of why it was rejected. And answers like ,” I don’t know, It’s a gut felling” and the like holds no value. And if the girl is say getting on in age(and getting on depends on the average age of marriage in that respective family) the pressure doubles. So having this in mind I would like to pen the following experience of a close friend.

Now said friend, as I mentioned earlier, was getting on in age as per the standard norms of her family and there were potential alliances who came to visit and well, nothing just clicked for whatever reason. Then comes into the picture a guy..Turns out it was the first ever time the guy was visiting any girl but the girl had been visited before.The more ‘forward’ families permit the guy and girl to speak alone and this was permitted here as well.

And that was it.Sparks flew. They didn’t realize that they spoke for over an hour in that first meeting. And only after a very harangued looking relative came to remind them of the time as they had to be catching a train did the couple even realize what had happened.

They met I think twice or so until marriage , which happened two years from that meeting, as the guy was residing in a another state. The girl being the narrator of the incident tells me of how she felt,” I just knew. And there was no turning back.” They wrote to each other frequently, as in actual letters were posted every week. The guy encountered some difficulties in his family for the entire period because of which the marriage could not happen. The girl’s family was, let’s just say, not at all happy about her insistence of him. Many more alliances were looked into but she held on to him. Her relatives were constantly convincing her to let go.Her siblings were unhappy because she being unmarried was hindering their marriage because of a social custom where it is considered very rude of the male siblings to get married while their female sibling is unmarried.

All for this unknown guy she spoke to once.She fought for him. And yes, from his end too, he assured her and pressed his family in all possible ways to be with her at the earliest possible.

And finally, after two years, they were joined together, in marriage.And I can truly say, they are a beautiful couple who support and encourage each other, are respectful of each other and are bringing up two beautiful children together. Ofcourse, they did have their ups and downs in the journey married love as is to be expected. (Kindly refer to my Lust, Love and Marriage series to better understand this part of married love :))

But tell me dear reader, if this is not the ‘love’ what is? And it was an arranged marriage alliance.

Heart full of hope

Arranged marriage Chronicles Part 2: A Mosquito ruins a Potential Alliance

Yea..Mosquitoes did it..A cousin was comforting me on the umpteen goof ups one must go through in the performance of the great Indian Arranged Marriage Circus and one such story would be as follows..

An alliance was agreed upon. As was custom, after the guy’s side visits the girl’s house and the alliance is agreed upon, the girl’s side party visits the guys house to ensure the guy’s house is comfortable enough for the girl to reside..This involves up to detailed inspection of kitchen and bathroom environment too for cleanliness I understand..Man..who knew!? 😛

Said girl’s aunts were in a tizzy after the visit.. Reason was explained thus- They guy’s house has a huge mosquito problem..They even had a netted door which was to mandatorily remain shut every evening to prevent what we understood to be a very bad mosquito problem..Said girl’s aunts grew apprehensive for the health of the girl.. And what if she even forgot to close the door one day!! Heavens no!!Disaster!!End of the world flood!! She would be bitten by mosquitoes!!!!


But hey..after I cried tears of a hundred Niles of laughter for my cousin..I understood the logic in it..It is arranged marriage..Every aspect of the relation is inspected..The girl is expected to live in that house for the near forseeable future and ofcourse it must be a comfortable environment..One that would ensure the transition to married life would be as free of physical discomfort as possible..Because say what may..Tempers do fly when bitten by one more mosquito than necessary 😉 lols!



Conversation with God

I recently read the first book of a series by an author named Neale Donald Walsch.. Why aren’t more people reading that book again? Lols.. It probably brought me to the end of a spiritual journey that I have been on since the Da Vinci Code.. Since my 16th year of age..I can’t explain it..This is probably a diary entry anyway..But hey..My blog 😉 No am not converting to some new age spirituality gig..Am born Catholic christian and I will be proud to die with that label  one day Inshallah..No, I did not travel countries and seek gurus and climb mountains..But it’s as simple as what’s echoing through the ages anyway..

Seek within. Believe. It’s all about love.

But if anyone is in a path of seeking..I would recommend this book ‘Conversations with God’ series. God bless us all. Amen.

Lust, Love and Marriage Part 4: And finally

Now then the eternal question, Who then do we marry? And this question is for people who are considering marriage at all to begin with. Well, in a gross generalization, the western culture insists they go through a considerable period of romantic love and then enter married love in gradual progression as each individual feels comfortable. In many eastern cultures marriage happens followed by a brief period of a whirlwind combination of lust and romantic love(honey moon phase) and then comes in the married love. Disclaimer- I am not a proponent of either forms of marriage..These are simply my observations of real examples.
So back to topic..The great Indian Arranged Marriage yes, many aspects of compatibility is ascertained in terms of community and families liking each other and common backgrounds academically or professionally or in terms of long term goals which naturally makes it easier eventually because the marriage was entered to in full awareness that it was going to be marriage and married love.
Arranged marriage stories do have oodles of anecdotes which are a whole different world of stories to hear if and when we speak to people who have gone through it..On that note, my personal ongoing stories will be updated here now and then as I too have entered the Great Indian Arranged Marriage Circus 😛
Again, I know, I over simplify it.. I wouldn’t for a moment be arrogant to assume that things are as simple as that. I am more than aware of the myriad diversities of this extremely oversimplified theory of mine.
I am aware of other invisible forces governing , often times manipulating and other times directly driving, to bring together two individuals for a higher destiny. I do not for a moment want to seem unaware of the eternal permutations , combinations and consequent concoctions that arise from the action of these forces on the minds and hearts of even the most rational person. (overdid the word play maybe?  sorry I just was itching to do that)Maybe I am even grateful for that, because it leaves a sadly rational person like me with the possibility of a mystery. I am grateful for the chance of that mystery or benefit of doubt if you will..
And personally, I would choose married love any day..I’d rather be with a person I can share a cup of tea with, in my pyjamas, on my worst hair day and discuss Kungfu Panda 1 & 2 with rather than a person who gives me butterflies i.e.,pushes me to the verge of a panic attack, alters my colour perception and constantly clashes with me , so called passionate , crazy neurotic possessive types.
So then ofcourse, at the end of the day dear reader, there is always a touch of the divine, a sign , a spark and we are unknowingly set off to a journey with that person for whatever the outcome and it is not different in arranged marriage..A leap of faith so to speak..
I conclude..Whew!! Finallyy!! It’s 12:00 am and I am tired!Human relationships are all a matter of leap of faith..But we must ensure we know ourselves well enough and have courage to be honest enough to paint beautiful colours in any relationship.. May your destiny find you and May it be more beautiful than you hoped. Thankyou dear reader for reading through..Hope it atleast sparked a hint of a new perspective.

Lust , Love and Marriage Part 3: Love and Marriage

But then what about marriage??? Wow..Murky waters we enter here..I claim to have no first hand experience in the matter..But again..I spoke couples who are within a year of marriage to couples who are around ten years into marriage to expecting couples to twenty year couples to old couples..Yea I spoke to a lot of I became crossed version of Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat ,Pray, Love and Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City..Two women with beautiful ideas I must say..But ofcourse the below findings are entirely my own and I take full blame for however blasphemous they may seem to modern or ancient thinking readers of this piece.
Let me begin by saying the glaring truth that stood out to me through the entire journey of my seeking..English is a very shallow language..Yes..That is what I understand..Because we have been looking at Love wrong the whole time or rather defining it wrong the whole time..And I speak of our generation of people alone..The generation heavily influenced by books and movies and so on..

Ideally we must look at it yet again in segregation.. Romantic love on one hand and Married love on the other

.. But I again don’t mean married love to be necessarily in a marriage..It can be in other institutions also like say a live-in relationship..Two individuals who choose to be together for the long haul..Unfortunately, all our art and literature and motion pictures fall short on the exploration of the second type of love i.e., married love. And we have been like fools trying to mash it all up together and wondering what the heck went wrong two years down in marriage , where did all the love go because the biology of it has stopped..the drug in our brain has been withdrawn and atleast in the western culture I understand they say that love is gone..Puff! How sad indeed..That we humans , the highest of all evolved creatures are today clinging so desperately to a biological drive getting us through life.
Again, I don’t mean to sound rude. But it’s true.. I have observed married love to be something altogether different..In the happy couples atleast..It is like still waters..Runs deep..It’s not a shallow brook, slipping and splashing and giggling and gurgling it’s way through..It does not make that kind of noise..It is very quiet..and yet the most nurturing and satisfying kind of love..It gives a certain deep comfort of the familiar and a strong stability through a partnership which can only help the two people involved in it to grow mutually.. And with the strength that comes from that stability and the nurturing environment they create together ,couples choose to bring in more love by willingly and in full awareness pro-creating new life..
Am not saying it is easy at all because we do not have a drug haze to get us through it..It must be a conscious choice everyday to make it beautiful..and gradually it becomes natural..I sort of picture it to be a beautiful house full of sunshine and green meadows and two individuals happily sitting side by side with the sure knowledge of gentle love and strong support for each other with three beautiful children screaming in laughter and running towards them.A Sunday afternoon. Wistful much? Maybe..But that’s just my imagination getting the better of me..Moving on to marriage..
Marriage is mostly never happy always..A lot of couples laugh when they tell me, love or arranged, one year down it’s all the same..Well, ofcourse it is! Because kind sir or madam, romantic love was your brain on overdrive..Like a drug buzz..It is bound to fade or your brain functions will cease! But does that mean that it was unnecessary? Not in the least! It was that beautiful process that lead you to this stage of the relationship..To the married love..The secret of a successful marriage is then a whole another concept of compatibility. Which is why Indian elders of a certain community obsess about astrological compatibility..But that is wrong on so many levels and that is yet another topic I will cover maybe never because it doesn’t interest me.
Marriage is about habit..When in love , in the haze..we adjust and more often than not never see the flaws because well, we are blind in not just poetically but biologically..We change for each other..Try to be what the other person wants and then when the dust all settles and we revert back to who we are..Voila! Comes the blame game of ‘He/ She has changed a lot’. They haven’t changed..They are becoming what they naturally are..Case in point I will take the recent movie ‘Gone Girl’ which disturbing as it was ,does have some take home pointers we could use.
Take a look at the couple..The lady, hard core newyork elite with the finest taste and a city girl through and through..The gentleman(the very hot Ben Affleck) is a small town guy who loves his small circle and is content with the couch and small town fun and way of life( this happens when the couple move to the gentleman’s native place) . How on earth did they even think they had a chance if either of them didn’t consciously work at it? In the Indian society, the woman is just expected to change and no questions are asked or discussed in many cases. But these days women are not as simple as that..And she on the other hand was taking it like the proverbial drama queen and went about it in her psychopathic way of dealing with it..which I would not recommend to all somehow 😛 lol..
But jokes apart..Take a classic example closer home in our Indian scenario. Disclaimer- It is only an example, and most couples figure it out eventually but I have seen how the clashes emerge before they sort it out and hence I present the example.. Any similarities to any person/couple is an absolute coincidence 😉 The guy brought up by a home maker mom who has had everything taken care for him since little ends up marrying a woman who is very self-sufficient , not necessarily ‘career obsessed’ but an average woman who does love what she does. And these days , guys are often looking for self-sufficient women because a normal household would require a double income to sustain it. Arranged or love, after a while, the guy out of force of habit begins to expect things the way it was when his mom was around..And the woman has even higher expectation of the guy understanding how to cope with the situation. (Women and Men and expectations..A whole another topic)
And I say this out of all respect to the guy and the girl..It’s not his or her fault because he was never used to a co-operative household where he was required to help out around the household, or understand that the wife maybe tired after a day’s work and she can’t go out with him to a certain gathering..Or the ultimate, help out once a baby arrives..And she in turn was never told to expect that disparity from the guy because such matters do not surface when you are living apart and meeting now and then and also in the initial stages of a romantic relationship because again, we do it out of Love! It leads to colossal disappointment unless we have a good network of family and friends to discuss the issue with and cope with it..
And again ‘He/ She changed after marriage’.
In married love, unlike in romantic love..I think it’s similarities that should attract..not opposites..Because it then would make for common habits and at the end of the day a better chance at coping with life together..Or if there are clashing qualities, there must be great openness and understanding from both ends to accept each other . This in turn again strengthens each other with unconditional love because again married love is like that of family..Your spouse is not just your lover but sometimes becomes your parent and your child , your best friend and sometimes your worst enemy..How many of us can honestly say that we love our family 24/7 365 days of the year..It’s ridiculous..There are times we would want to throttle them..And yet they are family..Married love is like that..It’s crazy..It’s a roller coaster..There is no love in it in terms of the buzz and euphoric high..But it has a deep nurturing quality to it..Like the roots of a tree..Deep down and yet it’s down there in the muck and mud so that the tree can grow strong and into the sky.
Now then the eternal question, Who then do we marry? To be continued.. Part 4: And Finally

Lust ,Love and Marriage Part 2: Love and then what?

But then again..Is it actually as simple as that? Our movies worship it, our songs croon over it, our art , our poetry ,our literature,everything possible to develop out of thought has glorified it; Every artistic great to ever walk our land has been mesmerized by it’s power to change and alter and define our lives.So that got me thinking..Nah..Biology alone can’t possibly be the answer..It may be a part of it..But can’t possibly be the whole answer..So I turned to these works which talk of love..I spoke to people of it..Voraciously devoured everything from romcoms to Shakespeare to understand it..And I come to a conclusion there are forces acting beyond our grasp in the playing out of this most coveted phenomenon of our generation- Love.
Now, here i must warn the reader that I add very personal and yet very strong beliefs of mine..Beliefs which may even seem ludicrous to some. I speak of destiny. I speak of star crossed lovers. I speak of soul mates. I speak of Two lives re-incarnated to fulfil their life purposes and thus have found each other to help through the journey of life. And I believe it is a different story for each person. Each person is meant to fulfil out his/her role this life time and the form that love comes to them also varies accordingly. Some are blessed in love..Some are cursed..To some love was the biggest miracle to happen to them..their salvation..To some love is their biggest trial..
And that is where I slowly began to filter out all the noise surrounding this concept of love and came to my own few truths about it. The concepts of firsts and one and onlys and happily ever afters are all Highly over-rated! Love comes to each life..In many intensities , in many forms, for varying periods of time and many a times beyond the barrier of marriage. People do find true love after more than one marriage even . No point judging it or pointing fingers at it because dear reader, it happens..Because each story is unique and each must walk the path laid out for them. But each time love happens, we must seek to see how it helped us grow.. Because at the end of the day..It’s all about how the experience taught us and I can safely say that’s true of all experience.
So I would take the liberty of saying romantic love happens, no point denying it, but it happens differently to each one of us and I look at it as happening in a spectrum..From the innocent crushing on one end of the spectrum to the lusty passionate all consuming love to the stable calm nurturing and mature love to the ethereal love beyond all understanding on the other end of the spectrum..the love of the soul mates of the world..the romeo Juliet, the heer ranjha, the marc antomy Cleopatra kind of love. But having first hand witnessed that kind of love in a dear friend and the pain that it puts the bearer of that love, I must say it is a bitter-sweet destiny to live out that kind of love..And I wish such love a lot of courage and strength.
But that is a different topic of discussion altogether isn’t it dear reader.
But then what about marriage??? To be continued..Part 3 Love and Marriage

Lust , Love and Marriage Part 1: Lust and Love technically

A million questions ran through my head over the last couple of months about concepts mentioned in the, not just the last couple of months of course..Aren’t these questions running through our heads all over the place all the time in one way or another?? Well, I think I can safely assure you that we all are doing it in one way or the other. But I digress.. The last few months I have literally put on my thinking cap and consciously pondered and researched and read and medidated(for want of a better word) day and night through and through about what the heck is all this fuss about..Just out of curiosity..And this article is a summary of it all..I wouldn’t want to sound like a know it all..This article is not filled with empirically proven statistical analyses..It is simply my epiphany about what this whole thing means and I will give a HUGE disclaimer at the onset that I do not claim to know anything more than you dear reader, but this is simply my attempt to make sense of give me peace to make my choices..A friend was kind enough to remind me to put this down in writing ever since I told him of the idea..So here goes nothing..
I begin with a TED talk I happen to watch by a reknown anthropologist Helen Fisher who very neatly segregated everythin we mistake for LOVE into three neat and precise terms- Lust ,Love and Marriage. A very interesting talk indeed.. A concept that she spoke of relevant to this discussion would be as elaborated . We as human beings know that we have lust, a very basic primitive biological drive in each one of us to pro-create. Now what is interesting about lust is that it is purely biological and thus regulated and controlled by the hind brain- the most primitive of brain structures in evolution. All sexually reproducing animals have this hind brain and thus indeed have lust. We have always learnt that the three basic drives that drive us are –hunger, thirst and the need to pro-create aka lust. Here is where it gets interesting. Helen Fisher points out that what makes us humans different from animals is our enlarged forebrain. The most recent product of evolution so to speak( I here would like to say I neither endorse creationism not evolutionism) which makes us different from all the animals. It makes us what we are, a Thinking species capable of recollecting and innovating. But Helen points out to us that in the process of this evolution we unwittingly developed a new drive- a new, pure biological drive.
The love drive. A pure intellectual biological drive. And she even has imaging studies to prove that being in love actually physically affects our biology, positively ofcourse. And here the thought that entered my head was a funny one- Oh! Makes sense! That’s why we women love romantic movies and songs so much! That is all love porn! Men have sex porn and women have love porn..Awesome! LOL..But jokes apart.. it’s a physical reaction nonetheless.Butterflies in the stomach, Colours appearing brighter, Being inspired to create art.. All of it..Simple Biology.
But then again..Is it actually as simple as that?To be continued..Part 2 Love and then what?

The arranged marriage chronicles part 1

Yes, I a grown individual with full possession of my faculties, agreed to do it.. Arranged Marriage..After extensive research about what and how love  and marriage works and having made my peace with it Love and Marriage: Part1 ofcourse.

For those unfamiliar with the process of Arranged Marriage kindly refer my post Arranged Marriage Explained .

Hence to the extreme delight of my parents and my family I too joined the great Indian arranged marriage circus..Hmm, As of now proposals are coming in..And believe this, I am enrolled in a particular matrimonial website that sends me monthly catalogue of potential a full fledged glossy magazine with advertisements and everything! ROFL! It was so hilarious to me that the first hour I got it, I was busy sending pictures of it to all my friends just to explain to them what it was . Sort of like to tell myself over and over again what it was so that I would believe it myself!

A catalogue of suitors ..perfected to my community’s and my family’s idea of a good suitor for me..but somehow for many reasons nothing seems to be clicking yet with any of the suitors thus far.. Rejection season is officially abound with me rejecting proposals and many more rejections right back at me also..

Two such instances just have to be mentioned here:
First, Said guy is mentioned to my dad through a friend of My dad’s. Highly qualified, Well settled family(family and the family name means a lot around here) . And my father, being the excited annoying dad he is, enlisted his brothers to become Sherlock Holmes and within two days I knew everything there was to possibly know about the guy’s family right upto his mother’s family name and the number of siblings in his mother’s family and to which families were the daughters of said guy’s mother’s family married to. Said guy’s family, let’s call him Mr X, was very excited about the proposal we heard ,which did nothing but aggravate the excitement in my family quarter.

Lo and Behold Mr. X was to come down, from the distant foreign land where he was employed, to my home town to celebrate xmas with his family and what better occasion to arrange a meeting than the auspicious celebration of xmas. Both families anxiously await the arrival of said Mr. X… And me?Yes, by this time a mild curiosity had risen in me as to what could he be like.
Amidst all this little did anyone think to ask whether or not the guy was even ready to get married. Long story short , the guy takes off to goa to celebrate the auspicious celebration that is xmas ,thus successfully throwing water on the elders elaborate planning.. LOL!
Second is brief but hilarious to me nonetheless.. One day my uncle who is dad’s third or fourth cousin(damn close knit family) calls and gives us joyous news.. There is a guy and they want to visit the girl the very next day.. I was awoken from half sleep and told the exciting news and fortunately let to go to sleep again. Next day said uncle calls to tell us the guy doesn’t not want to meet. And the reason? Apparently my facebook picture shows me as ‘fat’ and ‘wearing glasses’ which ofcourse just wouldn’t do for the Bradley Cooper that he was. Hence, rejected.FYI I didn’t even know his name and hence I couldn’t check out his Bradley Cooper-esque beauty.
Well, my friends being the darlings that they are consoled me,’ Good riddance’ they said. You don’t even need to know the name or face of such a horrid guy they said..True that I deigned.
It’s funny actually, the excuses people come up with. For instance, a third party was introduced into the picture to take things around the conventional way, a broker. He went on to very beautifully tell me everthing that was WRONG about my picture in the matrimonial website with my parents sitting right next to me in my very own home.. Very endearing man.. But I could barely contain the pure venom that was seething through my eyes while my face stayed frozen in smile..
It hits the ego on many levels. Suddenly it’s all about presentation, about the angle that you don’t look fat in, about how you would look in the picture, about how you write the description of yourself in the matrimonial website..

The great Indian arranged marriage circus.. In full possession of my faculties I still am..And through it all, I am a little lost. Sure, I chose it..I wanted it to happen..But I had different Ideas about it..About how it would happen..Ofcourse I would still have it no different..Then again each journey is different, isn’t it?Am sure in a few years time I will find it funny and might even have a few laughs about it with my life partner.. I was so obsessed with marriage and relationships dynamics Exploring Lust, love and Marriage that I never really thought about the process involved in getting to find THE person through a method like Arranged Marriage. For now questions linger in my mind relevant to this stage I am in..

When you are literally picking out options from a catalogue magazine of potential life partners, where exactly does love fall into the picture..where is there even space for a spark?Time will tell. I am yet to throw out the window the idea that love could fit into the picture . I am clinging on to it hopelessly even now..After all, It’s THE dream.. One does not give up yet so easily..The universe will make it happen for me..I just don’t know how or when yet..Who knows?
Well, The arranged marriage chronicles has just begun peeps..It going to one helluva ride..Here’s to the Great Indian Arranged Marriage circus 😉 Arranged Marriage Chronicles: Part 2