Lust , Love and Marriage Part 1: Lust and Love technically

A million questions ran through my head over the last couple of months about concepts mentioned in the, not just the last couple of months of course..Aren’t these questions running through our heads all over the place all the time in one way or another?? Well, I think I can safely assure you that we all are doing it in one way or the other. But I digress.. The last few months I have literally put on my thinking cap and consciously pondered and researched and read and medidated(for want of a better word) day and night through and through about what the heck is all this fuss about..Just out of curiosity..And this article is a summary of it all..I wouldn’t want to sound like a know it all..This article is not filled with empirically proven statistical analyses..It is simply my epiphany about what this whole thing means and I will give a HUGE disclaimer at the onset that I do not claim to know anything more than you dear reader, but this is simply my attempt to make sense of give me peace to make my choices..A friend was kind enough to remind me to put this down in writing ever since I told him of the idea..So here goes nothing..
I begin with a TED talk I happen to watch by a reknown anthropologist Helen Fisher who very neatly segregated everythin we mistake for LOVE into three neat and precise terms- Lust ,Love and Marriage. A very interesting talk indeed.. A concept that she spoke of relevant to this discussion would be as elaborated . We as human beings know that we have lust, a very basic primitive biological drive in each one of us to pro-create. Now what is interesting about lust is that it is purely biological and thus regulated and controlled by the hind brain- the most primitive of brain structures in evolution. All sexually reproducing animals have this hind brain and thus indeed have lust. We have always learnt that the three basic drives that drive us are –hunger, thirst and the need to pro-create aka lust. Here is where it gets interesting. Helen Fisher points out that what makes us humans different from animals is our enlarged forebrain. The most recent product of evolution so to speak( I here would like to say I neither endorse creationism not evolutionism) which makes us different from all the animals. It makes us what we are, a Thinking species capable of recollecting and innovating. But Helen points out to us that in the process of this evolution we unwittingly developed a new drive- a new, pure biological drive.
The love drive. A pure intellectual biological drive. And she even has imaging studies to prove that being in love actually physically affects our biology, positively ofcourse. And here the thought that entered my head was a funny one- Oh! Makes sense! That’s why we women love romantic movies and songs so much! That is all love porn! Men have sex porn and women have love porn..Awesome! LOL..But jokes apart.. it’s a physical reaction nonetheless.Butterflies in the stomach, Colours appearing brighter, Being inspired to create art.. All of it..Simple Biology.
But then again..Is it actually as simple as that?To be continued..Part 2 Love and then what?


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