Lust ,Love and Marriage Part 2: Love and then what?

But then again..Is it actually as simple as that? Our movies worship it, our songs croon over it, our art , our poetry ,our literature,everything possible to develop out of thought has glorified it; Every artistic great to ever walk our land has been mesmerized by it’s power to change and alter and define our lives.So that got me thinking..Nah..Biology alone can’t possibly be the answer..It may be a part of it..But can’t possibly be the whole answer..So I turned to these works which talk of love..I spoke to people of it..Voraciously devoured everything from romcoms to Shakespeare to understand it..And I come to a conclusion there are forces acting beyond our grasp in the playing out of this most coveted phenomenon of our generation- Love.
Now, here i must warn the reader that I add very personal and yet very strong beliefs of mine..Beliefs which may even seem ludicrous to some. I speak of destiny. I speak of star crossed lovers. I speak of soul mates. I speak of Two lives re-incarnated to fulfil their life purposes and thus have found each other to help through the journey of life. And I believe it is a different story for each person. Each person is meant to fulfil out his/her role this life time and the form that love comes to them also varies accordingly. Some are blessed in love..Some are cursed..To some love was the biggest miracle to happen to them..their salvation..To some love is their biggest trial..
And that is where I slowly began to filter out all the noise surrounding this concept of love and came to my own few truths about it. The concepts of firsts and one and onlys and happily ever afters are all Highly over-rated! Love comes to each life..In many intensities , in many forms, for varying periods of time and many a times beyond the barrier of marriage. People do find true love after more than one marriage even . No point judging it or pointing fingers at it because dear reader, it happens..Because each story is unique and each must walk the path laid out for them. But each time love happens, we must seek to see how it helped us grow.. Because at the end of the day..It’s all about how the experience taught us and I can safely say that’s true of all experience.
So I would take the liberty of saying romantic love happens, no point denying it, but it happens differently to each one of us and I look at it as happening in a spectrum..From the innocent crushing on one end of the spectrum to the lusty passionate all consuming love to the stable calm nurturing and mature love to the ethereal love beyond all understanding on the other end of the spectrum..the love of the soul mates of the world..the romeo Juliet, the heer ranjha, the marc antomy Cleopatra kind of love. But having first hand witnessed that kind of love in a dear friend and the pain that it puts the bearer of that love, I must say it is a bitter-sweet destiny to live out that kind of love..And I wish such love a lot of courage and strength.
But that is a different topic of discussion altogether isn’t it dear reader.
But then what about marriage??? To be continued..Part 3 Love and Marriage


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