The stories that defined our age

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games and so on..What do these stories have in common? Apart from the high fantasy or other worldly element to it? Such stories have been around only since recent times. Ofcourse with LOTR being one of the pioneering works.But what is it about these recurrent themes that has managed to capture the imagination of the entire world? Of an entire age? IN a world where religions are failing, in a world where an awakening of the inner conscious is apparent everywhere, what is it that draws us in hordes to the stories of the one hero’s struggle?
The answer is well clear enough isn’t it? Institutions are failing us.Institutions which were supposed to look after us be it the government or the industries or the religions, they are all failing us. And there is a darkness that we see, in not so dramatic terms as Sauron or President Snow or Voldemort but dark nonetheless. We loose our selves in the world of entertainment to escape all this madness, and yet here they are..these stories..through the mode we value the most these days..through entertainment, gently whispering to us. To reclaim, to reclaim what was once ours. Free will.
Free will that is beaten out of us from the day we are born. By our religions, by our educational institutions by our families and so on..
The struggle of these heroes for a greater good. It is no incentive in the real world to be an unnoticed soldier fighting for the greater good ! Not at all. But give it some awesome background score and breathtaking visuals and some kick ass stunts and we have a story that causes a physical reaction in us..A story that inspires us.. Many a story thus has inspired many a movements. The glam quotient of these heroes never did any harm.
But these stories did the trick..Inspired a generation caught in the wave of a changing time to look toward the greater think for the greater good..maybe even act for the greater good.After all, as Galadriel so famously reminds us in LOTR, “ It takes only one small person to change the course of history”. And that I must say, comes with a sense of relief.
But then again what of these stories themselves, are they merely dolled up stories?? That have no basis to them??The authors of these great works often tell of inspired moments where the stories simply appeared to them-fully formed.
Fully formed- Like as though, they were not created but merely discovered. Scientists do that all the time don’t they? They discover..They never wholly claim to create..They discover.Discover, then would mean tho find something that was already there.
Am I rambling dear reader? I hope for my sake I am not. But let me get back to the authors..How then did they ‘discover’ these stories? Gifted writers as they are and assuming they have an acute tuning to our collective consciousness, what else are they tuned to?Are they tuned to worlds and stories that may or maynot have occurred or will very well occur in a distant future?
Or are they simply giving shape to truths that have echoed collectively across the eras of the existence of man?That, truth triumphs. That love triumphs and that there will always be evil but evil can also be defeated but at a great price. Are these writers simply echoing our truths back to us? Truths that we know deep within us but have buried deep in us out of the exact opposite force of love and truth i,e. Fear and doubt?
By no means is the journey to the light going to be easy then now is it? A baby who learns to walk the first time must stumble and fall. It helps him learn to get back up on his feet. No one says oh it’s so scary to learn to walk to let’s just not walk ever again. Seeking the light is similar I think..We must fall and fall and doubt and question and know from within what it is that we are and what we must hope to be. And I don’t mean in our careers pr families or anything but in our true journeys in life.
The fear of the dogma, the fear of opposing tradition and the fear of isolation and repercussion has indeed made us cowards..So much so that the Universe had to resort to theatrics (read stories and movies) to convince us to join the fight again, to believe in ourselves again.. to believe in our own light again.
Do these seem to fantastical to you dear reader..I hope they do because I have over-simplified it too much..I am sorry..I make excuses but I must dash and hence I pen this while I can
P.S. For some reason while writing all this down I have a British accent in my head..I have no clue why..Maybe because I just finished watching LOTR and that led to these chain of thoughts. But any way..Thank you dear reader. I wish You a safe journey in finding your light.


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