Quarter life- It’s all about proving yourself: Bring it on

When you think you are ready for it..The world does it..it throws you out into it..and then you weigh..yourself against the whole lot of it..The world..Everything in it..In terms of criteria that matter out here..In the real world..Materialistically, socially, personally..I state personally last coz it really doesn’t matter.. A struggler in her 20’s has no luxury of saying personally..She must fight for it..out here..in the real world..She must carve it out..And she damn bloody well have an idea of what it is soon coz or else the world is waiting to define it for you..It is waiting to tell you don’t fight so hard, let us show you what will be good for you. It is tempting..to just succumb..to not fight..to just make everyone around me happy..But every time the struggle comes I revel in it. To me it is but another challenge, a chance to tell my world that I will not settle until I reach my highest vision for myself- whatever that vision maybe. But I am being harsh..The world relents now and then..And then when the storm dies down for awhile we see it’s not a fight at all..It is simply about learning to flow with the tide..It is about opening your heart and letting the tide in so that the waters can shape your inner being..to progress..to moulding a holistic sense of self. But yes, the struggle is real..When you stand at the throes of reality, you look back and hope to god everything you hold dear stays with you, in terms of self and what we think we know about our self..But the world tests your mettle in fire..And this test is all that is real in this stage of our lives..This test to emerge conquering heroes about what is illusion and what can stand the test, what is our sense of values and what we hold as important in terms of how we interact with the world.
And the best part however is, that through the struggle we evolve,When we open our hearts and minds to new experiences we get to gauge what we want against what the world offers and reach a comfortable middle ground. That is what makes the struggle worth while. The knowing that in spite of all the noise around you, you stood your ground to what you thought you wanted things to be like and then from there you opened up to the world and accommodated what it had to give. And that dear reader, is worth it all.

So here is to the struggle, here is to the faith that that the wind beneath our wings will not fail us and here is to the glorious journey of life.