Quarter Life : Chaos and back

So after writing a very Zen post about how together I was feeling about sailing through the storms of quarter life Quarter life and dealing with it I plunged into the storm again the very next day.But the happy part was the relatively quick rising out . It got me thinking that the turbulence never quite leaves you. But the more you grow from the experiences the easier it is to figure it out and make your peace with it.

There will always be someone getting somewhere better than you, faster than you and more glamorously than you.Get used to it.

And today in this day and age there are a million ways you definitely will get to know about these successful ventures of allllllllllllllll the people in your world, whether you even know their last names or not. Of course am talking about the access to all these lives through all the umpteen platforms of social media that we can be on.

If it’s real ,be happy for them, if not feel sorry for their vain attempts, but get back to your life and cherish each moment of how far you have come from where you have been and the people who have supported you uptill now and if you haven’t traveled all that far well then get thinking how you can move further in the best way possible.

Also equally important I think is the quality of the relationships around you at this point, both friends and family.Be pruning and nurturing them. Contribute.  Do your bit. Be authentic.Learn how to navigate them and find your balance between how much to give and how much to say no. I am having a tough time with this currently but that’s a whole another post.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop- Confucius (I have no way of verifying the author than the internet.)

So if you are a fellow traveler in the quarter life journey and can relate to this: Peace out, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Chart your journey ahead, stay strong and stay happy 🙂






Quarter Life : Was a Crisis, Is a Journey that am Glad happened

I am you.

A typical Gen Y mid twenties Indian who was/is going through the whole gamut: Career Pressure, Marriage Pressure, Facebook pressure(Looking at ever other life doing better than mine, or so i thought) and well you get the idea.

It began I guess almost one and half years ago when I decided to move back home with my parents ( In the Indian Culture, it is a good thing) and begin my so called process of domestication 😛 after almost a decade of being away from home for my higher studies. The metamorphosis

Soon afterwards as most of us are aware of the phenomenon, I was struck by the reality of being in the actual world.

From  larger issues like clashes with my parents, to clashes within myself as to who I was and what am I doing here, to whether I was wrong in choosing the direction of my career, to listening to everything that was wrong about me, especially my lacking of home management skills (courtesy of my gender and relatives) as I was educated away from home , all the way down to the daily  habits such suddenly having to be on a schedule in all maters and very soon ending up with a good job and having to handle the resposibilities that came with working  Quarter life: It’s a huge question mark! it was a whole different ball game!

And very soon also entered the Great Indian Arranged Marriage Circus Arranged Marriage: 10 part Series which is still going on.For those unfamiliar with arranged marriage Arranged Marriage Explained

It was filled with a lot of ups and downs and in so many ways tested me and pushed me, shaking me to the core about the foundations of all my beliefs and let me tell you it’s not over.

From straddling multiple cultural identities ( the one that I was born into and the one that I was raised in and the one I was educated in) to understanding that I can successfully blend all my identities and project my unique self into whichever situation I am in . It has been a long journey. Tiring to say the least but at the best it has been an extraordinary journey of  Self Realizations.

And now in hind sight ( which is of course 20/20) I can say it’s been good. It’s been what I need to undergo to reach where I am today and that is good. I don’t mean physically like in terms of work or stuff I have or anything of the sort. Because success in those terms is not only relative but also slow , in  my case at least. But in terms of who I am as a person , Quarter life Crisis has taken me far and for that I am grateful.

Am so glad I didn’t fall into the pressure of getting married when all this storm was going on within me.I was among the lucky ones. But hey, You realise that every journey is unique and married or not, as long as you know who you are and, most importantly, can gently help the world understand it and accommodate it along with doing your fair share in adapting to the world , it’s ok . Whew! Writing that sentence was daunting, well so is living it right?

That’s like saying, you just need to jump off the Eiffel tower with out a parachute while shooting an arrow to a target on the ground and doing salsa mid air..That’s all 😛

At the end of the day all you can do is try to have the courage to be yourself, and never forget who you are and where you come from because this is most important .

It is important to never forget where you come from because only then can you truly understand how best to chart out how to reach where you want to reach. And it’s important to be yourself or else you will never know your destination.

Be authentic.

Because otherwise the world will see you as Green when you are actually Orange and what happens is that the world(your green world) presents choices to you that are meant for Green and not Orange. But never be ashamed to be Orange or weirded out that you are Orange . Simply have the patience and courage to show your Green world that you are Orange.Was that a weird comparison? It was the simplest way I could say it.

Do Not for a minute think that your thoughts or dreams and aspirations are less. Because the moment you think that you are giving a signal out to the Universe that you deserve less. And then we cannot blame the Universe if we find ourselves in situations that we deem less/different  than our authentic selves.

So my journey through quarter life continues and I cant wait to see what this journey is going to show me from here on.