I am awesome!


Who the heck talks like that? Geez! Overconfidence much?


But I say it to myself repeatedly, sometimes shouting it off mountain tops when I am blazing with self confidence and sometimes in barely a whisper figuratively just lying there battered and bruised by what the world hurls at me.Sometimes repeatedly like a beggar begging the world to have faith in me or sometimes silently announcing  it to the world after having proved my point.

Fiercely remaining graceful through it all because I want that to be my signature. Just a minor personal choice.

No dear reader, this is not the narcissistic announcement of a person having had the easy way out being gifted every step of the way and lulled into the false security/insecurity of her ego.

It is the chant of a person who has realised that no one else will say it for you if you don’t say it for yourself. Its a ray of hope for someone who has been beaten down and told more than once that her voice is irrelevant, her feelings and instinct dont matter and that her choices are a mockery . Its the war cry of a warrior who refuses to be beaten down. It’s about letting the world know that you too matter and that your voice deserves to be heard, even if it means beating the proverbial drum to prove the point.
And somewhere deep down maybe it is a little girl who just wants everyone to be happy and she has found a little stardust of hope and she wants to share it with you.

I am awesome
And so are you.

Just your average awesome 20 something.