The girl and her flying chappati

So after a long period of the dreaded writer’s block (though calling me a writer would be stretching it a bit) decided to flex em nascent writing  muscles some more and hence decided to write about the above mentioned.. Yes. .flying chappati.

Well it so happens that am in between jobs right now and during my foray into various other hobbies, as is generally how one chooses to explore one’s time during hiatus such as this one ,I have tiptoed into the vast world of cooking. 

Ha! Like I stood a chance! Well that’s being too harsh..There, there little one.. persist persist you shall see fruit..

But coming back to the topic..I had to cook/make chappatis one evening..Now let me explain that chappati are indian breads which are made from kneaded wheat flour flattened to thin round pieces and cooked on the stove where they sort of inflate.

That being said I was having the easy way out, these were already kneaded and flattened into perfect circles and all I had to do was to cook them for a min on both sides. Lo and behold!  That particular evening these chappati decided to have a mind of their own. The first one refused to inflate.. infact it just burnt

It’s didn’t just burn. It became so hard that even my man..refused to eat it..he is one fussy dog anyway.

So what does one do when faced with such tragedy. Nothing philosophical.One goes to dispose of said chappati. 

Here is when it decides to fly.

Well on my way to disposing it I thought why not make a game of it so I decided to throw it around like a Frisbee. .

And man it flew! So gorgeously. And ofcourse this pikes the enthusiasm of yours faithfully and I end up playing with the flying chappati much to the perplexed amusement of aforementioned dog ( I was near his kennel) and I say perplexed amusement because that was exactly the expression on his face.Not excitement that a game was going on.No complaining either.Just the expression a person would have when looking at a grown ass woman throwing around a burnt chappati and laughing at the sight.. 


Then it went and landed on the roof.

See? I told you? Perfect Frisbee. Won’t even be embarassed.  

Once I somehow got it down I realised I should probably just throw it and go back to further attempting to make something edible. 

But it was so fun..As for my dog, he has all but forgotten about that silly girl and her flying chappati. Or I would like to think so. Because he is just walking around near me now blissfully sniffing at what catches his fancy while I jot this down,  sipping a wonderful cup of masala tea as I watch the gentle drizzle of winter rains here in my cozy corner at home

Drinking tea