Fuck the Patriarchy

For everytime she had to
Be demure when she didn’t want to
For everytime she was told
She is less than the fold
For everytime her silent protests bellowed
Fuck the patriarchy

For everytime she bit her tongue
To prevent the truth from escaping her lips
For the fear in her eyes to speak her mind
For the mutilated remains of her self worth lying dangling from the thin line of her sanity
Fuck the patriarchy

For every lie she was told
For everytime her head bowed
For every blow she was plowed
For the dear ones who turned their backs
For trust that was under ruthless attack
For every tear
For the lies and deceits
For the never ending fear
For the silenced screams in her dreams

For her sisters turning on her
For her brothers abandoning her
For her being a disappointment at birth
For her doubting her self worth
Ever since she knew what it meant
Fuck the patriarchy
Fuck you all damn it
May you all sleep peacefully tonight but tomorrow be answerable evermore
for every innocent tear shed by her
And ofcourse

Fuck your patriarchy