My name is Rose. I am a Millennial from a culture/community that is all about transitioning from the old to the new and hence part of a generation that is stuck in the crossfire.

This puts me in a position to observe and experience many  confusing , surprisingly common and yet less spoken about experiences.

And this blog is, as a blog is with many others ,simply a platform for me to try and make sense of the million thoughts that rattle on in my head as a result. Sometimes with a touch of humor, sometimes splashed with vindictive anger, sometimes even the rare epiphany .

And ultimately hoping that my goof ups might be useful to some wandering soul someday..

I am known by many labels of course..My professional label being the one I most identify with,my religious label, filial, nationality, country I was raised in  and so on but here it’s just me, one amongst the multitudes just figuring things out.

Grateful lover of life and all things beautiful , passionate about every one of my choices, deeply spiritual in the most non-religious sense. And what I do best is watch life tumbling by and more often than not jump into it headlong:)Welcome to this crazy world that is my mind!Thanks for stopping by 😊



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